Connections That Matter: The Relative Importance of Ethnic-Cultural Origin, Age and Generation in Media Uses Among Diasporic Youth in Belgium

Most research on diasporic media use in Flanders (Belgium) focuses on second-generation
adolescents belonging to the two largest non-European groups of migrants, Moroccans and Turks.
This leads to a limited knowledge of the broader diasporic population and makes it difficult to
ascertain how media use is related to age and generation (both in terms of migration and in terms
of digital media access), independent of belonging to a specific ethnic-cultural group. To explore
these issues, 30 adolescents from 16 national backgrounds and their parents were interviewed.
Despite their diverse cultural backgrounds, clear generational differences were found, the younger
participants demonstrating shared media uses and preferences (e.g. focusing more on
entertainment and less on the country of origin). Although ethnic roots are important, age and
generation are primary factors for understanding media uses and preferences among diasporic
audiences, which cautions against an exclusive focus on ethnic-cultural identity in research.

Uitvoerder Alexander Dhoest (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Periode 2015
Trefwoorden diaspora, second-generation, adolescents, TV viewing, internet use, age, generation
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