Is There Less Discrimination in Occupations Where Recruitment is Difficult?

The authors empirically test the cross-sectional relationship between hiring discrimination and labor market tightness at the level of the occupation. To this end, they conduct a correspondence test in the youth labor market. In line with theoretical expectations, results show that, compared to natives, candidates with a foreign-sounding name are equally often invited to a job interview if they apply for occupations for which vacancies are difficult to fill; but, they have to send out twice as many applications for occupations for which labor market tightness is low. Findings are robust to various sensitivity checks.

Uitvoerder Stijn Baert, Bart Cockx, Niels Gheyle en Cora Vandamme - Univesiteit Gent
Periode 2011-2015
Trefwoorden Hiring discrimination, ethnic discrimination, labor market tightness, field experiments
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